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November 30, 2009

Floyd Mayweather, Jr: Last 5 Fights (part 1)

Many have tried to fight Floyd Mayweather and hand him his first defeat, all of them failed. Nobody ever succeeded in bringing down PBF, forty wins with no defeat. In here we are going to discuss Mayweather's last five fights, obviously Floyd Jr. was victorious in all of them. So who do you think will be the underdog for the Pacquiao-Mayweather mega-fight?

Here are the last 5 fights of Mayweather [starting from recent]:

- Juan Manuel Marquez | Unanimous Decision @ 142lbs
- Ricky Hatton | TKO in Rd 10 @ 145lbs
- Oscar De La Hoya | Split Decision @ 154lbs
- Carlos Manuel Baldomir | Unanimous Decision @ 147lbs
- Zab Judah | Unanimous Decision @ 145½lbs

Four of those fights went to the score cards, the win against Ricky Hatton reached the distance as well (round 10). Let's take a look.

Mayweather vs. Judah: Sworn Enemies

This event was a boxing IBF welterweight championship which took place on April 8, 2006, at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada between IBF Welterweight Champion Zab Judah (34-3, 25 KO) and undefeated four-division champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. (35-0, 24 KO).

Mayweather defeated Judah for the IBF and vacant IBO world welterweight titles by unanimous decision. Beforehand, the fight had been jeopardized after Judah lost the WBA, WBC and Ring Magazine welterweight titles to Carlos Manuel Baldomir on January 7, 2006, but Mayweather's and Judah's camps reworked the contract and decided that the fight would go on. In the fight, Mayweather stayed calm during Judah's aggressive early rounds. Mayweather began to dominate Judah in round 5, and Judah eventually bled. Near the conclusion of the tenth round, Judah hit Mayweather with a left hand that was clearly below the belt and followed up with a right-handed rabbit punch. After referee Richard Steele called time with five seconds remaining in the round, Roger Mayweather entered the ring and approached Judah, but Steele restrained him. Judah's father and trainer, Yoel Judah, entered the ring as well. Floyd remained in the neutral corner while both Yoel and Zab scuffled with Roger (and others who had entered the ring) until police and security managed to restore order. Roger was thrown out, but the fight continued and went the scheduled 12 rounds. Mayweather won by the official scores of 116-112, 117-111, and 119-109. Compubox statistics showed Mayweather as landing 188 punches to 82 for Judah.

Mayweather-Baldomir|'NO' to Margarito

Mayweather rejected an offer of US$8 million to fight Antonio Margarito and split with promoter Bob Arum. Oscar De la Hoya, however, postponed his decision until 2007, leaving Mayweather in the awkward position of choosing his next opponent. Mayweather considered moving up in weight again to fight junior middleweight champion Cory Spinks, but because of negative publicity and Spinks' impending mandatory defense of his title, he finally decided to face WBC and The Ring welterweight champion Carlos Baldomir on November 4, 2006 in Las Vegas.

Mayweather would ultimately defeat Baldomir by unanimous decision for both titles. Ringside punch statistics showed Mayweather landing 199 of 458 punches, while Baldomir landed just 79 of 670. Mayweather earned $8 million for the fight, while Baldomir was paid $1.6 million. Both were career highs in earnings for each fighter at the time.

During the fight, Baldomir chased Mayweather sluggishly, unable to land any meaningful shots but trying to remain the busier fighter, while Mayweather picked away with sharp jabs and hooks, even managing to cut Baldomir over his left eye in the first round. This pattern continued throughout the fight. The defensive-minded Mayweather put on what many witnesses and Mayweather himself called a "boxing clinic" to take Baldomir's WBC and Ring welterweight titles in a lopsided 12 round decision. Two judges had Mayweather winning all 12 rounds, with the other giving all but two rounds to Mayweather. After the fight Mayweather called out for a fight with Oscar De la Hoya.

Credits to Wikipedia

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